Sunday, March 11, 2012

All Full of Hot Air

5 am starts are NEVER fun......but today it was!  Mum and Dad have been visiting us this week in Canberra and it was just in time for the Canberra festival.  There is sooooo much on and this week is the Hot Air Balloon Spectacular.

We rocked up at the lawns of Old Parliament House at around 5.30 this morning and were greeted by THOUSANDS........seriously THOUSANDS of people flocking to exactly the same place.  We nearly didn't get a park!!  I couldn't believe it.  I had this picture in my head that we would be sitting quietly in the dark with a small group of people, on the grass and waiting patiently for the balloons to lift off.  Nuh-uh!  Thousands of people, breakfast tents, coffee vans, music playing, people booking balloon rides.....totally crazy but such a nice surprise.

Ayla really enjoyed herself too.  I think she was people watching more than balloon watching but she seemed really happy with all.  And who wouldn't be ......check out the photos.

Friday, March 2, 2012

It's a sign!

For the first time last week, Ayla has being doing her version of the sign for bath time. It's so bloody cute!

To date, we haven't had a lot of signs from Ayla, purely because she just doesn't have the fine motor skills for it, but she understands all of the signs we use with her regularly.

Ayla seems to understand the following signs:

Ayla understands and is also able to sign finished and eat......and now bath time! Check this out!

PS:  Ayla 'understands' waaaaaay more words than those listed's just that I don't know the signs for them all ;).