Monday, November 19, 2012

Ayla's 50 metre Challenge

Here in Canberra, our family is part of a group called Friends of Brain Injured Children (FBIC). They are a great group that gives its member access to small amounts of funding throughout the year to spend on therapies. On the weekend FBIC ran their first ever 'Riverwalk' ...sounds odd, I know as Canberra doesn't really have a river running through it. Riverwalk began in Queensland some years ago and is an opportunity for the parents of brain injured children to raise funds for their kid's therapies.

So this year FBIC in Canberra decided to join in the fun by hosting our first ever 'Riverwalk' by Lake Burley Griffin. Ayla took part in this and we added a little twist to make it more interesting. We gave Ayla the challenge of 'stepping' 50m in her walker with sponsors offering to give her x amount of dollars per metre that she stepped and a bonus if she made the 50 metres. And she gave it a red hot go.

Ayla has had a lot more challenges in the last few weeks than has been usual and this really didn't help her cause. We've had medication changes of late that have caused more seizures, bigger seizures, emotional outbursts, tiredness and big change in her ability to step. Her little legs have become quite stiff and she just doesn't want to step at all whereas before she was powering along. Don't get me started on the meds ....I'm less than impressed right now.

The other challenge we had was that Mummy in her very pregnant state has a mushy brain and left her walker at school, which is a little difficult to retrieve on the weekend :(.

So we made do with what we had (our wheelie stool, our arms and our singing) to get her moving as best she could for her challenge.

You'll see in the video that it really was hard work for her (you should have seen her stepping a few weeks ago!!). She took several breaks in Daddy's arms and eventually at a whopping 35 metres, she was just too tired and sat down on the ground. She didn't quite make the 50 metres but she pushed so hard that I'm not going to take the 35 metres away from her. We were so proud of her!