Sunday, June 26, 2011

Snow Fun for EVERYONE!

This week I have spent a lot of time getting organised for a birthday snow trip for Ayla.  I have been wanting to get to the snow ever since the very first snow flake fell this season but felt the logistics of getting up there and getting back on a snowboard with Ayla in tow seemed like an insurmountable problem.....having no family/friends down here that we could employ for the day.  Then a Facebook friend of mine mentioned that the snowfields in New Zealand have disability programs and why couldn't Ayla have just as much fun on the snow as us???  Good question!!!  Why couldn't she.....insert sound of can of worms opening...... And here we have it!!!  A fabulous daytrip to the snow planned  for ALL of us to enjoy! 

For those of you in the disability world, here's what to do....

STEP 1:  Get your child or yourself a membership from Disabled Wintersport Australia.  New memberships for 1 year are $90.  Renewal is $67.50.  The membership is for any snowfield in Australia and gives the person with the disability 50% off their private lesson (that's what you have to book into), 50% off their lift pass AND gives their carer 50% of their lift pass too....and I believe the person with the disability gets 50% of any purchases in the snowsports retail shop too....I think.  You also get a guide who is specially trained in aiding/supervising people with disabilities on the snow AND there is a variety of equipment to suit EVERY disability.  Sit ski's, modified snowboards, modified ski's etc.  You will receive an email confirmation of your membership and will be asked to email a passport photo and then they send you a membership card in the mail.

STEP 2:  Contact the snowfield of your choice and book in to a private lesson of your choice.  They are usually either 2, 3 or 6 hours long with a private instructor.

STEP 3:  Go back to the DWA site and fill out a Ski Guide Request Form and email to  This helps the DWA decide what sort of guide will be required for yours or your child's disability, the equipment that will be needed and at this time you also need to tell them which snowfield you are booked at and the place and time for meeting for the lesson.

And that's pretty much it....  Mel Chivers from the DWA is great to have a chat to if you have any questions regarding how it all works or if you are unsure what equipment you/your child need to have and you can call her on 02 6450 0227.

For Ayla, we have booked a sit ski which looks like a little dodgem car with ski's on the bottom.  They modify the straps to suit the child's level of disability and they even hook the sit ski up to the chair lift and take them up the mountain.....I am freaking just a little at the thought of this but they tell me they do it all the time. She's booked in for a 2 hour lesson, and Joan, who is Ayla's Learning Support Assistant at school has offered to come up for the day and take care of Ayla after her lesson so that Steven and I can go snowboarding for the day.  It could just be me snowboarding yet....Steven is just a little worried about injuring himself whilst he's in the college.  Can't pass your fitness test if you're on crutches!!  Anyway, that's a whole other story :)

Can't wait to see you and your kids on the snow!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

So, Winter is upon us in all of her glory.  This week we have had a whole gambit of winter weather from frost filled mornings, beautiful still (almost warm) days with clear skies, howling winds straight off Antarctica, and whirling snow-filled mists over the mountains.  I have an itch and it desperately needs to be scratched....before I suddenly find myself too old to get on a snowboard!

It's amazing how much more you enjoy cold weather when you have suitable clothes.....even Ayla doesn't seem bothered by the cold weather with her duck down jacket on.

Steven has started at Police College this week.  He has permission to come home every night (it's a live in program) but we think it may have been a tad optimistic.  The timetable is really very 'full'.  Late afternoons and nights, followed by very early mornings so it's looking like he will mainly be home on weekends.  And so it was this weekend!  We actually have a long weekend for the Queen's Birthday (I'll get the hang of these ACT public holidays soon).  This morning we raced out to enjoy the beautiful cold weather with a bike ride to one of our favourite haunts for coffee and cake (yes, the detox is over!).  It was cold but I'm stunned at how invigorating and fresh the air is here.  I acutally enjoy being out in it.  You certainly know you're alive when that wind starts howling :).

We have our ABR workshop dates, August 5th and 6th.  Feeling a little nervous about this one because we have had someone helping us with Ayla's therapy for the last little while....and being a bit Type A, I'm always wondering if she is doing it right....And if you're reading this Jenny, I'm sure you are!!!  Thanks for your help!  It's just that it's the first time, that I have handed Ayla's therapy on to somebody else.  Jenny comes in 3 days a week and I cook dinner.  Everybody wins and we even get to eat :).  Other ABR'ers would probably think that 3 days per week isn't anywhere near enough but seriously, when you're body is screaming at you because you're burnt just gotta do what you can do...and screw the rest.

I have a special post coming up clues but I feel excited about it.  In fact, I've been feeling pretty excited ever since we moved here.  Ooops!  A clue!  No pictures this time cos I will be sharing them in my special post.