Saturday, June 5, 2010

For All the Single Parents Out There.....

For all the single parents out there.....on my knees and bowing obeisantly to all of you!!!!

Far out. I am 1 week in and I am so exhausted that I already feel run down. I have a cold, my eyes are burning they're so tired and a cup of tea along with 5 minutes on the couch has become my most favourite thing in the world....even if it's a little elusive.

Ayla is connected up to her ABR machine for the first time in 4 weeks..... you know waaaaay back when we were having a few problems with her and tiredness....well, I have only just come back to it. Life is crazy and I just have to keep reminding myself to go easy.

I was going to elaborate and give you an example of my day.....but that would be showing off! :) No, seriously, it's not something that I'm going to be able to maintain. This week I just decided that I would try to do things as they came up instead of putting them off for a day or so. By doing this, I am hoping that in a week or so, things might settle down. Will let you know how I go with that!

Steven is all hooked up with Skype and has spoken to Ayla a couple of times. It was strange because she didn't give the same reaction as she does with Grandma. She usually just giggles the whole time but you could kind of see confusion in her expression and she didn't have a lot to say. Other than that she seems ok with everything and as with most kids....completely oblivious to my crazy rushing around. So I guess everything is normal around here.

Over and out!

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