Friday, July 9, 2010

Welcome Home

We have finally made it to our new home in the ACT and it is surprisingly not as cold as I was expecting. Strangely enough, it feels very similar to Mount Tamborine.....apart from the carpet of ice on the car and the grass each morning! Frost is most definitely a novelty when you have lived in largely frost-free areas of Queensland for most of your life....and you no longer have a garden to be concerned about. The photos were taken on the very first morning of frost that we had in Canberra. I probably looked like a dill taking photos of it in my pyjamas, especially when Steven was sitting in the car waiting for me to drive him to work :).

Further to my last blog......Ayla didn't have whooping cough. A blood test told us so but in all honesty, sometimes when she was coughing, I wasn't so sure. But it's all over now and I think we are all starting to feel pretty normal again.

Ayla has settled in to her new home extremely well. She really is quite amazing with the things that she copes with. It seemed she was happy to call home anywhere that there was both her Mummy and her Daddy present. She's been all filled up with 'Daddy play' - squealing, giggling, and playing rough every morning and night and today she even went shopping with Daddy. Her first contact with Steven when we arrived in Canberra was really sweet. For a moment she just sat in her carseat staring through the window at him and taking it all in. Then it was as though the sun suddenly burst from behind the clouds and she was all smiles and wanting to be picked up.

With Ayla's Daddy time...comes Mummy's 'alone time' and it has been a joy to sit back and quietly watch them happily playing again but to be able to cook a meal without having to leave the kitchen every few minutes to provide entertainment to a tired and bored child really has put enjoyment back into the smallest of daily tasks.

There is so much to share with you but I'm finding this post is starting to become a little garbled with information. It's starting to look a little like our house! Boxes all over the place and most of them not where they are supposed to be :)

It's nice to back and you can be sure that there will be plenty of updates to come.

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S said...

yay and wishing you a happy home! that ice is just as i remember it xx