Thursday, October 7, 2010

Foods of Fancy

A couple of weeks ago I was all aghast at the 'Party Food' that the parents were providing for the Preschool End of Term Party. There was a list of foods pinned to the noticeboard and each parent had to put their name beside the food that they were bringing. Keep in mind that Ayla and I were new to "mainstream" schooling and had always enjoyed the healthy lifestyle that our Steiner Kindy provided.

So over I go to the list and gradually run my finger down it.....

Party Pies (1 dozen)
Party Pies (1 dozen)
Party Pies (1 dozen)
Sausage Rolls (1 dozen)
Sausage Rolls (1 dozen)
Cheerios (1 dozen)
.....and the list goes on, you get the idea.

All the way at the bottom of the page was Fruit Platter....THAT'S ME!!! So I put my name down beside the fruit platter. And so began my mission. Steven made some passing comment about the possibility of me getting all 'Jamie Oliver' and doing a big cookup and then all the kids not eating it. My response was ..."No no...just doing a really FABULOUS fruit platter". And I did......but then somehow I got all 'Jamie Oliver'...oops.

I nearly cooked myself into an early grave. I just couldn't stop thinking that if you provided healthy party food, the kids would eat it. There's really no need for all of the party pies and cheerios. In any case, I'm not really sure Cheerios could be classed as a food anyway. Just in case you don't know what a cheerio is....cocktail franks, weiners, little boys....whatever you want to call them. Those things that have something resembling meat....with all the added grissle, fat, bone, feathers....bluck!

Anyway, I digress :)

I decided that along with my FABULOUS fruit platter, I would come some other irresistables. We cooked Sesame Buffalo Wings (no buffalos don't have wings...chicken wings) and then I thought I would give a little respect to the new season - SPRING - and cook Devilled Eggs....eggs...spring.....I know your laughing at me!

You can see the FABULOUS fruit platter up the top.....fabulous right??? Right??? Yeah well anyway, I made 2...couldn't help myself.

Dropped it all off at the Preschool in the morning with everyone agape and most likely thinking, "I didn't see that on the list" and Steven hoping that it wasn't going to be a Jamie Oliver Healthy Food Disaster. And you know what? It wasn't :)

Steven did pick up and apparently it was a resounding success with all of Ayla's dishes walking off the table first!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee. Experimental success! It seems that healthy party foods, presented nicely, really are the Foods of Fancy for Five Year Olds!

In other breaking news....the Luxmoore Family have returned to the world of Broccoli Box Farming......miss my vege patch. See below.


S said...

Looks spectacular...i wanna eat those little hearts!
i am glad you filled in the cherrio thing for me, i thought they had something to do with breakfast!

Anonymous said...

ergh dont get me started on the terrible 'food'that rears its ugly head at parties! Your fruit platters look awesome!