Monday, May 23, 2011

One Little Breakthrough Deserves Another......Surely?

We all know that I've done Potty Training posts before......long before.  Well, we're back at it again.  I started on the potty training venture around 2 years ago, then stopped because there didn't seem to be any recognition from Ayla that she knew what we were about with it all.  Then we started again.....aaaaannd then we stopped again.  And now, here we are again!  But this time seems a little different.

We have gone back to the toilet timing way of doing things....that is, putting her on the potty at set times of the day in the hope that she will get the rhythm of it and hopefully hold on when she knows potty time is drawing near.  Both schools are involved and have a roster of timing too.

Just lately I have noticed that when Ayla does 'do' something (like that?  See, I can be subtle), and we make our big hip hip HOOORAHHH, she has the biggest grin on her face and gives a knowing little giggle.  So I thought that finally she may be starting to understand what's going on and what's expected of her when she's there.  This morning....I KNOW she finally understands!  She was playing quietly in the loungeroom while Steven and I were in the kitchen.  Ayla rolled into the kitchen/dining area and straight up to her potty.  When I asked her (hopefully) if she wanted to do 'wees' on the potty, she smiled.  I was dubious but put her on anyway.......and whaddya know......the potty started SINGING!!!  We have a weeeeeeeeeee! And even better, that was her second potty wee for the morning!  I'm so excited!  Nappies don't get too darn comfortable in my house cos you are on your way OUT THE DOOR!  Soonish, anyhow.

We just have to keep trying with this.  Ayla's biggest hurdle will be letting people know that she needs to go and somehow I will find a way to help her do that.  We may go back to the toilet sign on the wall....I just don't know if that's the right thing to have on the wall at school.  I just don't want her beoming a teenager in nappies because her parents didn't really give the potty training a go.

Oh and by the way......yes, Ayla did do her news last week....and no, getting footage wasn't successful.  But she's giving news again tomorrow and Steven is going to film it.  PROMISE!


Robync said...

This will be such a mamoth mile stone for Ayla and give her a little more independance (I know she still will need to be put on the Potty) but at least she will have the dignity of not wearing nappies and needing someone to change her. I wish success for you my little Ayla, you go girl.

S said...

gotta love a knowing grin...and a singing potty that is a bit flash!