Sunday, July 3, 2011

An Anniversary in Images

Today is 1 year since my Dad, Ayla and myself drove into Canberra for the very first time.  One full turn of the seasons.  This is exciting to me....maybe not to anyone else.....but it makes me feel excited.  It has been a fabulous year full of really positive changes for all of us. 

Ayla is in a wonderful school where she is truly embraced.  That's what I always wanted for her.  I still can't believe that both the Principal and the Deputy Principal regularly visit Ayla's classroom just in time to watch her step into her classroom and cheer her on.  Steven is finally doing what we moved down here for in the first place....and seems to be loving it (except the study).  And I have found myself in a fabulous job within a family run health food store and I actually feel like a part of the family AND I'm doing what I always wanted....seeing patients at the Allergy Centre and within my own clinic at Power Living Canberra. 

There have been bike rides, walks, markets, a visit from family (and hopefully some friends will visit us soon too), little trips around the region and more trips to come.  Here's to another exciting year in the Nation's Capital.  Enjoy the pics....
Winter 2010

Spring 2010

Summer 2010/2011

Autumn 2011

And then back to winter again...


robin_haslem said...

A lovely article Lis. Telling us all how happy you are in Canberra, and seeing 'little girl' so settled. Have just spent an hour with the "Freaking Miracle" and I understand so much more now. Please keep up ABR posts. they are so interesting.x Auntie Rob

Robync said...

I agree with the freaking miracle story, just amazing. I am so proud of you for how you have adapted to Canberra, you have embraced it with all your heart and sole (as per usual). I wish that I did not miss you so much.