Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bali Bound

Next week we are off (the whole family) on our first ever international holiday since Ayla was born.  It's a super exciting time for all of us....but I can't believe just how much preparation is needed to travel with a child!  Last time we went, we packed the night before but this time around it feels like I have been mentally packing for a month.

I think the most daunting aspect of this holiday is that Travel Insurance for Ayla just isn't going to happen.  And I believe that because she has a pre-existing condition.....if her pre-existing condition impacts on our trip (in other words - stops us from going or brings us home early), it is at our expense.  Not to mention the little niggly worry of hospitable costs if they are required whilst we are away.

And yes these are very real concerns and possibilities but I just can't bring myself to have the entire family living in a protective bubble because of what if's.  We all have to live and experience the joys around us.  Hell, there's risk in crossing the road and I do that several times per day.

So Bali here we come.......

If I can work out how to share photos to the blog whilst away....I will....but don't hold your breath :). It might have to wait until we come back.

Oh and a travel tip for everyone travelling with young kids.... hit Little Gullivers.  These guys have made our trip so much easier!