Monday, September 10, 2012

Spring Snow Bunny

It's official!  Our kid is definitely a Snow Bunny.  Last year we were pretty sure she enjoyed her ski trip but this year left no doubts in our minds.

We decided to go for Spring skiing this time around as Ayla seemed a little cold last year and we went along with some fabulous new friends too.  Thanks Caz, Jasmine and Zahara, we all had so much fun and it's always better sharing it with friends.

We spent 2 nights staying in a fabulous apartment in Jindabyne and one day on the snow.  The morning of 'Snow Day' was a little shaky to start with as Ayla had one of her big seizures at around 5.30am so tired and grumpy as hell didn't really go close to explaining her mood.  Right up until popping her in the sit ski, it was all looking as though it would go pear-shaped. But true to form, Ayla surprised me again.  There was no mistaking how much fun she was having.  She smiled and giggled all the way down the slopes ....and whinged and complained the entire time on the Chair lifts.  Probably because she couldn't wait that long to get to the top again.

Her instructor, Jordi, brought her back after 90 mins for a bite to eat and I was hard-pressed getting food in her mouth because she couldn't stop giggling and babbling.  And then off she went for another hour of fun.  It was so good to see her mood change so dramatically from when we first arrived.  It made it really clear that snow skiing was definitely her idea of Winter fun and absolutely worth the money spent on it.

If you are ever thinking that you would like your child to take advantage of their ability to have fun no matter what their disability, I highly recommend that you jump on the Disabled Wintersports Australia website and sign them up.  If you want more info check out my blog post here.

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Smithsholidayroad said...

Wow Ayla how Awesome!!! Coop really wants to do this next year! i worked a snow season with a guy called
Jordi too! :)