Tuesday, January 5, 2010


She does look a little frustrated in this photo....but seriously this post is more about me.....Me Me Me. I'm Frustrated.

Ayla woke this morning in a seemingly good mood but from breakfast on I have had tantrums, whingeing, whining, grizzling, no sleep, a bit more grizzling and now I'm at the point where I just want to flee the house...without her!

I can tune out...to a point but eventually the constant whining batters its way through all of the walls you put up to protect your sanity.

I'm frustrated because I have listened to non-stop whining, crying and tantrums all day. I'm frustrated because Ayla can't tell me what the problem is. I'm frustrated because I can't get anything crossed off my 'To Do' list that is currently a mile long and seemingly getting longer by the minute. I'm frustrated because not even a bath or pikelets have tempered her mood. I'm frustrated that I can't seem to help or fix whatever is the problem. I'm frustrated that, even as I sit here typing and venting, there is no relief to the frustration because the whining continues.

I know that none of this is Ayla's fault. I know that its all about my perception of the situation. I know that tomorrow will be different....it better be. And I know that our situation is a whole lot better than a lot of other families. But when Steven gets home at 3:00.....I'm outta here.....I'm going grocery shopping by myself!!!! Anonymous! No Whingeing!!!



Lavendilly House said...

Hi Melissa,
Well here is one frustration I can relate to!! Although it does seem like a distant memory these days, but there was a time I thought it would never end. Tantrum upon tantrum upon tantrum, day after day after day until I was questioning my sanity, wondering where all the patience that I have been so praised for had gone (it hasn't fully returned since then, either) and wondering whether I was making the right choices or not ... and all because we couldn't make each other understand ...

Melissa Luxmoore said...

Yep, communication really is the key to a wonderful life and beautiful relationships. I'm just not sure what I can do to 'create' the communication that Ayla so desperately needs....just need to keep plodding along I guess. But am somewhat calmed by my shopping trip. Put my ipod on so I couldn't hear other people's whingey kids :)

Lavendilly House said...

I've had a taste of her frustration now. Kaelan said 'Ayla doesn't want to play with anything!'. He tried so hard to engage her after lunch.
I swear, though, she DID say HELLO the moment you and Steven walked in the door.

Melissa Luxmoore said...

Kaelen is Spot On!! That is exactly the words I use when she is in this mood. She is however still asleep and it is now 6.30.....never wake a sleeping child....it may backfire but I'm going with it.

Robync said...

I love this photo, look at the expression on Ayla's face. What is she saying?, well I will tell you what she is saying. Where is grandma and grandpa and when am I going swimming in that beautiful river with them.
Back home is no comparison to the fun she had camping.