Saturday, January 23, 2010

Houston - We a have Kindy Girl

Okay...Everyone take a deep breath in.....hold it.....and give a big sigh of relief out....Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Houston, we have a Kindy Girl!

I am so relieved right now. In the lead up to this week I have been wondering what little unpleasant surprises would be awaiting me on Ayla's first day at Kindy. You know, things like "Would they change their mind about her enrolment?", "Would inclusion support add just one more requirement that sent the kindy over the edge...never to enrol Ayla again?", "Would Ayla get so upset and not sleep and completely disrupt ALL of the other kids and the kindy tell me she wasn't ready?". I even rang Fingerprints the day before just to check that Ayla was "All good to go tomorrow". changes to her enrolment, no more requirements from Inclusion Support, no tears....just a little disruption at sleep time on Day 1.

But Day 2 was even better! Ayla actually went to sleep! It was only 30 minutes but she went to sleep. No tears, no frustration. She just quietly played for 10 minutes and then went to sleep. The kindy called my phone at 1.45pm, which sent the butterflies madly spiralling around inside me...just for a moment, but only to tell me they were so excited because Ayla was asleep and to TAKE MY TIME getting back there....Really? Cool!

Aaaahhhhh. This really could be a fantastic year afterall.

It also appears that Ayla is really loving Kindy, despite us not being with her. The teachers said that she had a great time. At home, there were big smiles at the mention of Kindy and on Day 2, Ayla squealed and giggled all the way there.

On a side note....I had a really good day too. I did the grocery shopping all by myself and actually finished it in one go. Kinda like a mother who has a 4 year old that goes to Kindy...Life is Good.


Jodie (Tango) said...

Oh, Melissa my heart goes out to you all. You are so couragous. You never for one second gave up on the belief that there would be a kindy that would take Ayla. So many set backs and dark days along the way but, just sunshine from now on I hope.xoxo

Lavendilly House said...


Robync said...

I have goose bumps reading the blog. How beautiful she looks and how precious is the moment. Ayla needed kindy and she is really very easy to look after if they take the time to get to know her and her needs. Give me ten Ayla's to one ADHD child.

Proud Grandma Robyn said...

Dear proud Mum and Dad,
You have a beautiful littel girl, she looks radiant, and our little corner of the world - Craft at Salvation Army - will be so excited at her progression.
Take a bow Lissa and Steven, 2010 augers well for you all. Love Auntie Rob.