Friday, February 5, 2010

If this was good, what would it look like?

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I have so much to do today but I thought I would just be a little more self-indulgent.

Yesterday I allowed myself to feel my way through a major disappointment...which I might add may amount to nothing but an emotional reaction to something I wasn't equipped to hear on that day. But, I find that when I allow myself that time to just experience that immediate gut response, I can usually feel my way out the other side of it. And I am.

While in the shower this morning (please don't picture that, it's really not good!)I started to think about an Iridology course I did a couple of years ago where the speaker was talking about re-framing things and she said, "Ask yourself, if this was good, what would it look like?". I didn't really get it at the time but over the years, I have found myself asking, "If this was good, what would it look like?". This morning I asked myself again and this time I actually came up with an answer.

The 'good' side of my disappointment and feelings of anxiety is that I learn that Nothing is Permanent. NOTHING. And that's not just to do with Ayla. Nothing is PERMANENT. Life is dynamic. It flux's and changes, it ebbs and flows. Even though our situation with Ayla is difficult and seemingly different to everyone else's situations....when you break it all down, it's all the same. Nothing is permanent.

Ayla loves her Kindy and for now, that is where she is. It's not permanent but hopefully it won't end sooner than we would like.


Anonymous said...


You are a wonderful strong loving person.

Anonymous said...

God bless you for being so beautiful and so incredibly intelligent. What you say does not minimise what you experience, it shows the depth of how you think and feel. How lucky Ayla is to have you to guide her through her life. Mum xxx

Melissa Luxmoore said...

Thank you......tears

Kim M said...

Nice post thanks for sharing