Monday, February 1, 2010

The Pendulum

I've taken this quote from the ABR blog by Leonid Blyum because, although he talks A LOT!, he comes out with phrases that make it seem as though he has experience of having a special needs child himself. He doesn't. He is just super committed to these kids and he cares enough to put himself in our shoes....even if it's just for a moment.

You find yourself on a swinging pendulum – from exaggerated optimism to equally exaggerated concerns and fears. You are easily excited (especially when a child is still young) but you are easily scared as well. That’s a heavy emotional tax that zaps one’s energy really fast; and as the years go – excitement vanishes or translates into a pure chase of “last hope” while the scares become more and more real, especially with under consistent ‘hawkish’ pressure.

That’s the cost of ‘blurring’. It’s a universal trait of a human nature that we are most stressed and demoralized by some vague gloomy threat, where the vagueness itself makes it seemingly omnipresent and incapacitating as a result.