Sunday, August 8, 2010


The Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu was once quoted as saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". It's a nice saying.....although when I think that this guy was supposed to be around from 604BC -531BC, I have to say I'm questioning whether that's what he said! Did they even talk in miles then???? Anyway, here in our new home in Canberra, our Journeys begin every time we get in the car :)

Last week we decided to go 'Snow' Hunting.....we weren't terribly successful finding any snow but we had a good time tripping around the place. The day before we could see snow in the Brindabellas and a few people suggested we go up to a place called Corin Forest where they regularly get snow.......but not this time around. So instead, we visited Corin Dam which supplies Canberra's potable water. We could see snow over on the next mountain but we really had driven far enough that day so we admired it from the VERY chilly edge of Corin Dam. It was really windy and the temp would have to have been very close to zero. I had gloves on and my hands were still hurting from the cold! Corin dam was at the end of the road that we had been travelling on so we decided to stop at a couple of places that we had seen on the way up the hill.

We headed down to Gibralter Falls next. Apparently, the most accessible waterfall in the area! Ah no....actually it's not. I think we made it about 15m into the walk before we decided that it wasn't terribly 'accessible' with Ayla :). It was all rocks and steps....maybe they had a different idea of what 'accessible' was cos it was kinda like Sydney.....NOT accessible. So plonked ourselves on a big rock and watched the view while listening to the waterfall and soaking up some beautiful winter sunshine. Ayla even discovered some moss on the rock and was quite taken with the way it felt.

And our last stop, on the way home was a little reserve in Tidbinbilla. We stopped at the information centre and then decided we would come back another day as Ayla was making it known that she was MORE than ready for a, next time.

And although that was the end of our Adventure that day....we are off on another on Tuesday. We are heading up to Selwyn Snowfields for the day to take Ayla toboganning and for her first ever play in the snow. We can't wait! And she's just going to have to push through nap time for a second wind because we will probably arrive at the snow about an hour before nap time.....wish us luck!

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S said...

beautiful pictures. glad you are exploring. remind me one day to tell you a funny story about that waterfall - tis not for the ears of the blog world.
Make a snow angel on tuesday x