Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Magical Winter Wonderland

There is something so magical about snow. The silent drift of snow falling to the ground, snow drifts perched precariously in the branches of trees and shrubs, that pristine cover of white that's so sparkly and fresh, the squeals of children and adults alike as they zip down the slopes, rosy cheeks, steamy breath, drippy noses.....and then there's the sound of Ayla, who didn't really enjoy the snow as much as we had hoped:) LOL! It's kind of understandable.....she didn't have the best start.

Within 20 minutes of arriving, I had already sat her on the toboggan, up against a wall so that I could fix up the boot that kept falling of her foot......enter that 'magical' snow drift that was clinging 'precariously' to the roof! Yep.....PLONK! Straight on her head! The look of shock on her face was priceless and it probably didn't help that Steven and I cracked up laughing. Add to that the conditions. I put it out to the universe that I wanted snow to be actually falling so that Ayla could experience it all....and fall it blizzard fashion :). It didn't stop snowing all day and was the heaviest that I had experienced (apparently they have a blizzard up there today) and the breeze was quite strong too, so that the snow was somewhat 'whipped' into your face and eyes. We didn't have goggles and they were the sort of conditions where you really did need a ski mask and none of us had one.

But we soldiered on and went for a few runs on the toboggan. At this stage Ayla still wasn't enjoying herself so we decided to go inside and have lunch. According to Ayla, lunch and the DVDs on the way home were the best part of the day! It wasn't all bad though. We dressed her up again after lunch, grabbed that toboggan, avoided the snow drifts on the roof and spent the best part of 90 mins going up and down the slope. And we even saw her crack a smile a few times on the way down the hill.....and when you think about it, that was exactly the reason we took her!

It was absolutely worth the 6 hours of driving for the day and we plan to do it again next year for a few days. We'll need babysitters though......anyone??? Mum? Dad?? :) There is no way that Steven and I could visit the snow again and not get on a was a little torturous to watch the boarders and then walk away from them at the end of the day.

So, we know what we need to take to make it more enjoyable for Ayla next time. We know to stay away from the outer walls of buildings. And we know that Ayla is going to learn to LOVE the snow.....cos her Mummy and Daddy do! For me, the snow will never lose its MAGIC.

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S said...

I couldn't supress my giggle either.