Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Boots n All

Ok, so I have done my usual and jumped in Boots n All. I have a job. Eeeeek! I have a job. Exactly where I wanted to be, for now. Not exactly the hours I was hoping for but it's a start.

This is my new home, workwise. It's called the Allergy Centre and yes, that's perfect for me. I start on October 1st and will be working just on the weekends that Steven is at home for now. Yes, Saturday AND Sunday....blah! But on the upside, it's only around 2 weekends a month and only until something more solid appears in the have no idea how much I am psychically WILLING Thursday girl to find a new job and leave :). Another upside is that on Sundays, I will be the only Naturopath on, which means I am able to earn extra $$. Loving the extra $$ right now :) I just have to remember that with the snowball I put in motion this school term could be a really busy and wild ride. My awareness is up and I need to not overstep the mark and burn myself out. I'll try anyway.

I am off to Sydney this weekend (all by myself....I'm a big girl now!) My first night away from Ayla, on my own. I have left her for 1 night before but Steven was with me. I know she'll be fine...of course! She's with Daddy. And I know I'll be fine....cos I will be busy with a whole weekend seminar on Allergy Treatments AND I have organised a fun night out with a friend who lives in Sydney. I'm feeling kinda liberated by those thoughts.

In other exciting news......Don't Tell Mamma....our little ABR fundraising offshoot, has once again had its application for the Mathilda's Markets accepted. This is a big one for me because this year, I have made it into the Christmas markets and it's going to be HUGE!

Well, with school holidays looming, ABR is at the forefront of our minds and that is exactly what we will be doing LOTS of in the next 2 weeks. We have our ABR DVD to record and send off on Monday which tells me that our next workshop is not too far away and also reminds me of what a pitiful effort we have made this time around....moving interstate and injuring my shoulder definitely hasn't helped. So I'm looking forward to the workshop in has a wonderful way of boosting motivation all over again. I try not to give myself a hard time....ABR therapy is all about 'the long term' gain......but if you know me will also know that I am borderline type A personality in some areas of my life. Particularly when it comes to achieving! Honestly, if they gave out medals and recognition for housekeeping....this house wouldn't know what hit it.

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S said...

enjoy Sydney - i hope the sun keeps shining on you my friend :)