Thursday, September 16, 2010

My New Career

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Prior to the Little Mrs (aka Ayla) coming into the world and making us a family, I was the perpetual student. Furiously studying away for years to give myself a career that I would love. And I do love it....when I get to work in my chosen career. The last few weeks I have been asking myself, "Is it possible to have a career AND a special needs child? Or is Special Needs my new, if completely unchosen, career?"

When I ask myself these questions, the answers pull me in different directions. I wouldn't like to think that 10 years of study and experience go to waste or just go to keeping my family healthy. I remember when I was in Year 12, my Grandfather said to my Mother, "Why are you going to send her off to University for 4 years when she's just going to get married and have kids and it will all go to waste?" I'm pretty sure he was just trying to stir me was said with his usual mischievous eye twinkling but still, if I don't go back to work, he's right. This leads me to another question. "How many days per week must one work to be considered to be working in one's chosen career?". Seriously, at this point, I'm hoping the answer is one. This new Special Needs career is exhausting! I won't bore you with details of my day but between the lifting, feeding, bathing, toiletting, therapy, schooling, fundraising, advocating and then my 'usual' household duties of cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and just ensuring that my family is completely nourished and well, I'm not sure how much energy there is left over for caring for other people.

I'm going to a seminar next weekend.....professional development to ensure that I can continue practising (gotta keep those points up), and I am super excited about it. Not only is it in my chosen career but also in my chosen specialty. But these courses are expensive and I guess that's how I came to be wondering if a career is something that is possible for me now.

Just sayin.....

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