Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back from Another ABR Clinic

Ok so we're back from our last ABR clinic for the year. We all worked very hard and Ayla is still completely shattered. Since arriving home on Saturday night Ayla has done nothing but sleep. She slept until 9.30 Sunday morning, slept 4 hours at Sunday lunchtime, slept 12 hours Sunday night, slept 4 hours on Monday lunchtime, slept, slept, slept, slept.....and the kid is still yawning!

Despite our interstate move completely throwing out our ABR rhythm, we have still had some really fabulous changes in Ayla's physical structure and my plan is to share them all with you over the next couple of weeks.

So here we go.....Improvement #1!....please excuse the formatting issues, I can't seem to get the photos side by side.

These are photos showing the strength (or lack of) of Ayla's shoulder girdle from April 2010.

You can see that her elbows are a considerable distance from her torso and point outwards as Ayla tries to maintain her stability in this prone position. Lifting her arm meant that she needed to balance her weight and stability by moving her torso in the opposite direction.

The photos below were taken last Friday, November 2010.

With the increased volume in her shoulder girdle, her stability in the shoulder has improved. What we see here is that she is able to use her elbow as support in the prone position. Her arm positioning during prone position has shifted closer. Closer elbow support requires more internal effort and she is even able to maintain close one arm elbow support in the one arm prone position.

Other good news from the clinic was that Ayla will now be attending every 2nd clinic instead of all of them. This is going to be much easier to cope with financially. For next year that means that we will only be attending clinic in August. I'm a bit nervous about only attending once next year but I'm sure the monetary savings will make it totally worth it.

Thanks to everyone who purchased items from Don't Tell Mamma and Mum and Dad's market stall and a very special thank you to some of you who made very generous donations to help us get to this last ABR clinic of the year. We couldn't have done it without you all.


S said...

Wow! what a difference!

MUM ON A MISSION (Michelle) said...

Thats an awesome change. Well done.

robin@haslem said...

Well, I am actually looking at Ayla's expression between the first test and last weeks. How her expressions have changed, and how aware she now is of what she is doing. And how relaxed she seemed to be with the movement. Well done Mums and Dads, and Ayla of course.Auntie Rob.