Saturday, November 20, 2010


I've trialled my new ABR exercises this morning....yes, I had a little break before I got stuck in (Ayla was exhausted). This time around I have been given a new format for Ayla's exercises. Instead of timing how long I manage to do her exercises for, I have to count the number of repetitions I do of each exercise.

Before each workshop the families are required to do a Home Performance Report where we calculate the average number of hours/day that we do on each exercise. And this is where I fail :(.....I do ABR consistently on Ayla throughout the week with Preschool days being a no go because she's not home and then goes to bed almost as soon as she does get home. The reason I fail at reaching the hours//day is because I have given birth to a CATERPILLAR!!!! This kid loves to move, wiggle, wriggle and best of all shred the towels and pads and the new trick.....pulling them out and throwing them away. Heaps of fun :). So this time around, instead of timing the exercises and averaging them, I am counting the number of repetitions. I think the idea is that we will all be able to see exactly how much work is being done on each area.

In saying all of this, it doesn't sound like I get much done and everyone seems to think that Ayla responds extremely well to the 'tiny' amount of work that I do get done on her. I say tiny only because when I compare my hours with other families, they are.....One lady I know can work on one exercise 3 hours straight!!!!! BUT, after this morning, I don't think the amount of work that I'm doing on Ayla is so tiny after all. I have done 3 of her prescription exercises so far today and on each one I have done 200 repetitions. When I looked at the overall time, it was only a few minutes longer than what it would normally have taken me to get 3 exercise done. It was requested that I aim for an average of 100 repetitions per day, per exercise. I did 200 this morning, and will do each time, so that when I average them come August, it should work out to 100 or more/day. That's the theory anyway.

I have thought a lot about (and resisted) the idea of putting my exercise tally up on this blog. I guess I thought that I would then be more accountable but then I thought I would be placing some really unnecessary pressure on myself too. Now I'm thinking......well, I am woman and as such I have the right to change my mind, as many times as I like :). So I have changed my mind and I will put my tally up at the end of each week.....until I feel too pressured and decide not to :). The weeks will run from Saturday - Friday.

And because I know that you are waiting to see another it is :)

ABR November 2010 Improvement #2

In this photo you can see that Ayla's back is relatively flat and featureless except for her immature bumpy little dragon spine. This is due to the deficiency in the posterior trunk volume. The scapula is submerged and the edge of the scapula is not visible.

But here we are in November 2010, we can actually see her scapula edge. The posterior volume has improved and the edges of the shoulder blades have emerged. This is due to an improvement in the underlying volume of her trunk and the connection of the shoulder girdle with the underlying fascia.....she's still got a hairy little back :)

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