Sunday, January 2, 2011

Taking the Time to Sniff Out the Plums

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! I took a little blogging break over Xmas. I just needed a couple of weeks to live without constantly analysing what was 'bloggable' in my life. Not that there aren't plenty of things to be shared but sometimes there's just way too much to choose from....especially where Ayla is concerned. Everyday there is something new or different, a challenge maybe....and sometimes I just need to sit back and enjoy what's happening without thinking how I could share it with everyone. So the break is over and a whole new year of weekly blogging awaits! And for this, my first blog update of the year, I'm starting with something that has absolutely nothing to do with Ayla.....except for the fact that she has IMMENSELY enjoyed the fruits of my labour :). Whilst I have been sitting back just enjoying each moment as it happens around me I truly saw something, seemingly for the first time! But it wasn't the first time! I can't believe I have been staring out of my sewing room window looking 'through' this bounty for months and never knew what I had. It began in the last weeks of winter with a furious flush of tiny white blossoms on otherwise bare twigs.....and then proceeded to tiny little round red 'fruits'. Of course being in the middle of 'the burbs', I made the assumption that the tree was probably ornamental and the fruits, being red and so inviting, were probably nothing edible and at worst, poisonous. Nuh-uh......CHERRY PLUMS!!!!! It took me from late winter until around Boxing day to realise that these little beauties were Cherry Plums!!!
The tree is absolutely laden with them and I have been out in the 36 degree heat picking them, and last night I made a batch of plum jam......and there are plenty more jam sessions to come! I even found some seedlings that had started under the tree and I have dug them and potted them to take with us when we buy later in the year.
Mum and Dad arrive for a short visit in 3 days time, so I think I may also make a Plum Crumble for dessert......*slurp*
Ayla adored the jam for breakfast this much so that I couldn't take a photo because we were both covered in sticky mess. I'll try again tomorrow.


elflyn said...

Welcome back to blogging.
Happy New Year.
That looks absolutely delicious... I fail at jam every single time I try.
xo Jen

Melissa Luxmoore said...

Thanks Jen! There are little secrets to jam making. Once you get it.....its kinda like riding a bike. If you have something you wanna 'jam'....happy to give you some tips :)

S said...

Yum indeed! Oh how i miss Canberra and its seasons...

With a Q said...

How did the mulberry version stack up? I have not tried any yet.