Monday, March 7, 2011

Isn't that what elderly people get????

Soooooo........I have pneumonia.  That sounds kinda weird when I say it.  Pneumonia.....yep, still weird.  Isn't that something elderly people get??  The good news is that it's not catching.  So Ayla and Steven are all good.  It started as agonising pain near my left scapula on the last night of my Mummy time in Melbourne. know that whole Osteopath thing......yep, wrong doctor!  That ridiculous amount of pain didn't really have a whole lot to do with my ribs (they all cracked and creaked when they should have) but with those little things called lungs that are underneath.  I think the 2 days of 40+ degree temps kinda tipped me off :).

I've had heaps of time in bed.  I can't believe that in the first week I was so ill that I didn't even want to knit.  That's REALLY sick!  This week I have been knitting but that little guilt ridden person inside keeps saying, "Don't ya have some packing to do??......and some washing???? ya can pack?" ....I swear that voice has an Irish accent.....or maybe it's the drugs....for the pneumonia!

Hmmmm.....holidays are coming and I think I seriously need them.  2 weeks of beach and 1 week with my Mummy.  Just what the doctor ordered!


nettie said...

The beach is a great cure for everything. Get well soon!

Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

Sorry to hear you had pneumonia, all 3 of my kids have had it, my son who was a 32weeker got it at Age 4 months, it took me 4 days to get him admitted they didn't believe me as he was still eating, but really a 2month old sized baby, my daughter in Dubai it was hot and sunny? the day after we landed we heard the "cough" and on the way home from preschool we stopped at the hosptial and refused to go till they gave her an x-ray blood tests and we were right again. My youngest (my CP guy) well, we caught it while it was still in the bronchial tubes, I heard the "cough" and was like YIKES and we got it before it got to his lungs.

Hope you get better soon, and I loved the Irish guilt voice, that's fabulous.

Ayla is gorgeous.

Love Mel