Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mummy Time

I went away to Melbourne on the weekend to visit a long time friend.  We both had some Mummy time together.  We haven't seen each other (without children in tow) in around 6 years.  I have just realised that we enjoyed each other's company and conversation so much that neither one of us even thought to take a photo!  I can't believe it.  It's ok though, because I don't think either of us will forget this visit, EVER.

We stayed at a lovely hotel, The Grand Hyatt, on Collins St, shopped and lunched on Bridge Road and in the City, and had the most amazing dinner at Neil Perry's Spice Temple...see I'm trying to give linkys to make up for the distinct lack of photos :).  And although our dinner at Spice Temple was one of the highlights.....unfortunately it isn't what made it unforgettable.  Somehow, I managed to pop 4 of my ribs and woke in the middle of the night in agonising pain and unable to breathe...I'm giggling now because I am feeling better....  I made it through the night by doing yoga stretches all through the night in the bathroom so I wouldn't wake my friend and after each little 'middle of the night' yoga session there was a little relief so I could get another 30 mins sleep, but by morning......Yeah, there was no salvaging me.  I was a wreck.  My poor friend spent the morning on the phone cancelling an appointment we had and trying to find me an Osteopath in the city.

I had to wait until 10.30 for the appointment but it was definitely worth it.  Oh, to breathe again!  Just 1 rib left to get back in and hopefully that will happen this afternoon.  Feeling heaps better today apart from not being able to take a full breath, cough, sneeze, yawn....possibly fart, I haven't tried that yet (sorry, in my house farts are funny).

Although I wasn't 100% well for the weekend I had a wonderful time just being me.

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Smithsholidayroad said...

Oh Mel a popped rib is horrible let alone 4 of them! glad they are back in place and that you had a wonderful trip to Melbourne. xo