Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We're Back and We're Better than Ever

It has been such a long time since I wrote a new post. Almost a year. Every now and then somebody contacts me and let's me know that they have read my blog and been inspired and it's a reminder that I didn't just start this blog for myself but to help others too.

Every day a new precious baby is born with a disability which means that every day, another parent needing understanding and some practical ideas is created. These parents don't just need understanding, they need hope that although their wee one may never 'recover' from their disability, there is hope for their children to have a wonderful life. Sometimes I'm one of those parents all over again. And after a full weekend of an ABR workshop for my daughter's therapy, I'm reminded too that there are so many parents out there that haven't discovered the one therapy that truly works.

I'm not going to attempt to get you up to speed with absolutely everything that has happened over the past year....just a few little important things. The most important is that Ayla is now a big sister! Beautiful baby Billie was born on March 7 of this year, all 9 pound 12 ounces of her. She has been a beautiful and very special addition to our family. I know all babies are special but Billie really is very special in a very unique way and if you would like to know why, check out this old post.

Ayla is doing very well. We had lots of dramas with new seizure meds, loss of skills and then a slow regaining of skills and now she is back to her old self. I've also had to pull back for a little while I rethink my goals for Ayla. I want so much for her that sometimes I think I set her bar a little high and sometimes we all just get plain ol' frustrated with each other and it's time for a rethink.

We continue with Ayla's ABR, albeit at a reduced rate due to the newest family addition, but I'm ready to get stuck into it again. New exercises, new methods of doing them and then some good changes in her structure have me motivated again. Thanks to ABR (Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation)the structure of Ayla's body is very 'normal' and the more normal it becomes, the better able to use it.

We are hoping to head off to Singapore for a workshop next year and to catch up with the creator of ABR, Leonid Blyum. Leonid has such a crazy busy schedule of clinics and is constantly researching to ensure our kids have the best of him so he has only been to Australia once and that was over 5 years ago. We are looking forward to catching up with him and showing our Ayla and her achievements off.


Robync said...

And now I want to cry all over again, for Ayla and for Billie. I have just spent 12 days with my family, Billy smiles and smiles and smiles and is truely a special gift. I spent four nights in the same bed as Ayla, and after the initial hesitation, for lots of reasons like, she sleeps side ways, kicks and has seizures every night. I realised that it was a privelige to be that close to her, to see what she experiences each night, and to be woken up with a kiss, cuddle, or what ever else. She demonstrates lessons that we all could learn, she is loving, forgiving, never complains and is a joy to be with. My only wish for her, is that she can stand independently to enable her some degree of independence. Anything else achievable will be a bonus.

Written by Missy's proud mum said...

Great to have you back on blogging, I must get back into it also.

Smithsholidayroad said...

Thanks for the update! Loved it! Yay to siblings!