Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Poor Big Girl

Ayla is currently up at the Canberra Hospital.  The poor little kid has been sick for a week now.  Not just a cold or flu.  It's the end of the school year and we pushed her a little harder in the last couple of months with hydrotherapy on Friday afternoons, she had her ABR workshop in October and on returning, we have increased her therapy too.  It was clearly not our brightest moment.  She's so rundown and exhausted that she currently has tonsillitis, middle ear infection in both ears, conjunctivitis and a huge cold sore.

It has been really challenging with 2 different antibiotics plus prednisone and still no response.  She hasn't eaten in a week.  This morning we made the decision to take her back again and Steven contacted me to tell me that they had knocked her out with a painkiller and filled her full of more steroids.  She still may be admitted.  So many drugs in such a tiny little body.  I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to clean up after all of that.

Although I know that Daddy is with her, it's hard being at home while she's in hospital, but Billie still needs her sleeps and a hospital is no place for the healthy.  There's no point in having Billie bring something home as well.  There's precious little sleep to be had as it is.

So I think that there will be at least another week off school and very little going on in Ayla's life for the rest of the year.  Roll on January ....can't wait to spend a few weeks at Mum and Dad's place, hanging by the pool with the kids.

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