Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Potty Training the Special Needs Child....Diary of a Wombat Style

If you're reading this because you think I have some idea on exactly how to do are very sadly mistaken. I haven't got a clue! Sorry to disappoint :)

What I can impart is possibly some humour.

Above is a photo of the sign that sits against our wall on the way to the kitchen. It's a spot that we pass by several times per day. It's slightly out of the way from the lounge room where Ayla plays but she is more than capable of getting to it. Our thoughts were that if Ayla could grasp the idea of touching the sign when she needs to go to the toilet then she may actually have a way of letting us know when she needs to go. That being said, let me now share with you the last 30 minutes....."Diary of a Wombat" style.

5.30pm Rolling toward kitchen...giggling. Touch the Toilet sign. Mum does the toilet sign with her hands, picks me up and carries me to the potty in the toilet.

5.31pm Sitting on potty, playing handsies with Mum. Grizzle and do finished sign. Mum takes me off the potty and says "False Alarm"

5.35pm Returned to the lounge room.

5.37pm Rolling toward kitchen...giggling. Pick up toilet sign and chew it. Mum does the toilet sign, and carries me off to the potty again.

5.38pm Sitting on potty, insisting that I'm finished. Mum takes me off the potty and says "False Alarm".

5.42pm Returned to the lounge room.

5.45pm Found my way to the Christmas tree and desperately reach through the wooden playpen.....managed to get a tickle from the tree. Got Bored.

5.50pm Rollin toward the kitchen....Hey! There's the toilet sign, touch it and see what happens.

5.51pm Sitting on potty again. Bored. Finished. "False Alarm"....back to the lounge room.

5.55pm Playing on floor, farting and grunting. Nowhere near the toilet sign. Picked up by Mum and she puts my hand on toilet we go again.

5.56pm Did a wee....."Yay...Hip Hip Hooray", says Mum.....No poo though...suckers!

5.58pm Got to flush toilet....must be some sort of reward.

6.00pm Back in the lounge room.

6.03pm Rolling toward toilet sign...Mum pushes highchair in front of it. Think she's had enough....and now we're on the way to the Bath.

And the funniest part of all of this.....I'm going away for one night (well, 36 hours to be exact) and it's all up to Grandma and Grandpa.....Have Fun!!!!


Lavendilly House said...

It's a great idea and Ayla is a smart little cookie. She'll get it soon enough :)

Melissa Luxmoore said...

I think she already gets's a really fun game is what she gets :)