Friday, December 11, 2009

Pretty Girl Lost

I never thought for a second that she wasn't coming home. I'll miss that little white tip on her tail. I always saw her tail tip well before I saw her. Slinking past the window. Disappearing around a corner.

She was 15 years old and she didn't act a day over 2.

Chloe-Jane aka Pretty Girl....Love you.


Robync said...

I write this crying for Chloe Jane I will miss her so much, the most unusual cat I have ever known, I cried whenI found out at work, and my work collegues looked at me strange saying that she was 15 afte all. they didn't know this special, proud cat like we did.
miss you Chloe xxx

elflyn said...

Melissa, I am so sorry.
Vale Chloe-Jane.
Love Jen x

Unknown said...

Awww.sorry to hear about ur pretty girl.....loosing a member of the family is never easy even if they have 4 legs....

Melissa Luxmoore said...

Thanks lovelies....I think i underestimated how much she meant to me. She has left a big gaping hole that I have decided not to try to fill.....trying anyway.

She is now buried outside of my sewing room in her favourite part of the garden.

Taking her out of the bag to bury her was possibly one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but I am so glad that I did. said...

Hi Lis,
Just heard from Mum. Am so sorry my pet. Nothing nice to come home to after a lovely weekend. Except that Ayla DID use the toilet. What a clever little girl.(and a clever Gma!)
The healing began with the burying of little Chloe-Jane. And if there is guilt, bury it with her too, and remember the fun times with a beautiful "little girl."You will probably "hear" her prowling around, as I did with my Ben.