Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sweet Summertime

Aaaah....My favourite time of year. And it seems it's Ayla's favourite time of year too. Her favourite past-times involve anything and everything to do with water, and most of them you can't do in Winter.

This is how we've been spending most mornings (...and afternoons). Who would have thought 1 bucket of water would provide me with enough time to water the garden, pull out some weeds, or clean the kitchen as I watch her from the kitchen window. Our dog, Khayman, thinks it's pretty good too.

There is one thing that also loves Summer and this week it has struck us hard. SNAKES. Our beloved 15 year old cat was bitten by a snake on Sunday night and is still fighting hard for her life at the vets. We rarely let her outside at night time but on this night Ayla was sick with a tummy bug and we needed to leave her bedroom door open during the night so we could hear if she vomitted again. Chloe-Jane (the cat) likes to creep into Ayla's bed so we thought it best that she stay outside that night.....possibly not. She seemed a little 'odd' on Monday afternoon but by Tuesday morning she was still lying in exactly the same spot, just staring. Since then she has been declining rapidly. Even today, the vet said that she possibly hadn't reached the bottom yet. I am hoping for better news tomorrow but I have a feeling it could be a few more days yet before there is a possibility of good news.

In the meantime, we'll just sit back and work out ways to pay for it! Gotta love your animals :)

As a little extra to this post.... check out this beautiful blog post from ABR founder Leonid really warmed my heart to know that we have some truly wonderful people on our side. Thanks Leonid!

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