Saturday, April 10, 2010

ABR Therapy Improvement #1

Thought I had better start putting up some of our newest improvements from the last ABR workshop.

Each workshop Ayla is 'put through her paces' with a set of movements that are filmed and photographed. It's called the Video Session and the movements are exactly the same for every workshop so that the photographs/video taken can be compared with those taken from her previous workshop. This is just one of the ways that we can visually 'see' the changes that we (her parents/carers/therapists)help Ayla to create.

One of the movements involves sitting Ayla on the edge of a table with her legs dangling over the edge. From this we can get an idea of her stability in this position. The next step is to challenge her by taking her off balance to the side and also backwards. Don't worry! She's never left to freefall.....we always catch her. This is a snapshot of how Ayla coped with being challenged sideways in November 2009:

You can see in this photo that Ayla's entire body moves as one unit as she tries to save herself. She throws out her legs and arms and becomes rigid.

This is the same challenge photographed less than a week ago..... April 2010:

Here we can see that Ayla's trunk and limbs are more 'connected' in that, they work together better and she is better able to segment her movements to support her trunk. Much tidier!

As a side note....Ayla is slowly becoming more relaxed now that we are home. We have had some horrendous nights getting her to sleep. Our first night home was a little ugly. Last night was better and I am putting it out there for BLISS tonight :)


S said...

Ahh - that must be a feel good moment right there?

Written by Missy's proud mum said...

That is a great improvements, with more to come I'm sure. It's great to get such a motivation shot to keep you rolling.

Lavendilly House said...

little by little .. but it is working. You guys are the epitome of patience! I admire you so much
jen xx

yahoo said...

Well, what a marvellous improvement, especially the use of her hands during the movement. I am excited to see this. And the expression on her face is much more controlled.Well worth it all Lis and Steven. Auntie Rob.