Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ABR Improvement #4

So we're starting to get into the improvements that are a little more subtle now, but no less amazing.

This improvement centres around Ayla's hip mobility and her ability to bend forward from the hips. Here's a photo from November 09:

You may be able to see that in order for Ayla bend forward from the hips, she needed to raise her bottom off the table. This also meant that she would overbalance and fall forward off the table so the person challenging her needed to hold her high up on her arms to control her movement.

Here we are in April 2010:

This photo may not look much different to you guys but I was there to watch her challenged in this position both times and the difference is really astounding. Her bottom doesn't need to lift as far off the table and her 'helper' is only holding her wrists. Not only that, but I noticed that when she was moving into this position, Ayla showed much less apprehension about bending forward because she knew she was more stable.

So there you have it! ABR improvment number 4....done!


Anonymous said...

My little darling I'm so proud of her, and her parents for there eternal perseverance. keep going miricle fairy. Grandma

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