Monday, April 19, 2010

ABR Therapy Improvement #3

So before Masterchef starts (I know I'm a sucker for cooking shows!), I thought I would put up another improvement. Here we go.....November 09:

The position that Ayla is supposed to be in is "Tailor" know, sitting cross-legged. She can do that fine....unless you challenge her with a little shove! Notice how Ayla has kicked her legs out of Tailor position to maintain her balance? Pretty clever but really this is just another way the kids with CP overcompensate for their inability to sit completely independently and maintain it.

And now we see April 2010:

Ta Daaa! A quick shove and she has still maintained her Tailor Position!!!! Yay!....and now I am going to maintain my Tailor position on the couch for Masterchef....seeya.


Anonymous said...

The changes are amazing, they give me goose bumps, because here we can actually see the results of what we all contribute too, by helping to raise the funds. They inspire me to keep going for Ayla. They also make it much easier to explain the outcomes of the therapy to those that don't know. This beautiful child will reach her full potential before we ever give up. Love you all heaps.


Anonymous said...

What fabulous outcomes all of you are achieving. It is an absolute joy to be included in your lives and to see the growth and change in Ayla. Keep up the good work and I will keep up the crafting to continue my support.

With peace and light

Nikki S

Anonymous said...

Amazing to see the comparisons.
Every assessment is getting better, and gives us inspiration to keep going.
Well done Mummy and Daddy.
You are both legends!!
Auntie Rob