Sunday, May 16, 2010

Picked it up at Kindy.....

I think we have our first 'picked it up at Kindy' illness. Yay us!!

We have been up several times during the night with Ayla due to vomitting. Ugh. Poor Steven had only just walked through the door after finishing work at around 1 am and found Ayla in the bath and me cleaning up vomit. We were up again about 30 minutes later doing it all again. I even had to have a shower. You know that feeling that you have vomit in more places than just your hands? No amount of handwashing is going to get rid of those other vomitty bits, hence the shower.

So here I am, in the early hours of the morning, and we have just finished another vomit clean-up session. What else would you do??? Blog it, of course! I think I am just too tired to go back to sleep, only to be woken again. Doesn't matter. It probably won't last long.

Ayla has been such a little champ all through the night. No crying. You just wake to the sound of vomitting and her little sounds of ultimate disgust in what she is lying in. The bath makes everything better. She was even giggling while she was in there.

Clearly, the photo at the top has NOTHING to do with this blog. I was fairly sure you didn't need a photo of vomit :). I took this photo at Kindy on Friday morning. The lady in the photo is Kimmy. Ayla adores her. When we arrive at Kindy, Kimmy comes up to us and Ayla literally jumps out of my arms to her. It's so nice to know that she loves Kindy and even the person that is responsible for caring for her. This is one of the things that I am very sad to leave behind.


elflyn said...

*HUGS* to you and Ayla.
We did the vomit thing a few weeks ago, right now we are doing the croup, cough, fever thing.
Hope she feels better soon.
xx Jen

Anonymous said...

Hope Ayla is feeling better very soon xx

S said...

yay for kindy!~ still i would rather vomit than poo (in liquid streams that is) perhaps that is too much description? perhaps i'd better stop here?
i hope she is feeling better soon x