Sunday, May 2, 2010

Big Brunch and the Red Hen

No, we didn't eat the red hen for brunch.....We went to the Red Hen for Brunch with some really special friends this morning.

We haven't done this in aaaages....let's face it, we're not exactly flush with cash lately. That is hopefully about to change.....oooo we have news.....can't share it yet....soon though.

Anyway back to my brunch story. This was brunch with some very special friends who we have been through some times with. Our kids have completely different conditions, completely different stories, completely different futures.....and yet, our friendship began with something we have in common. A little ole school called Xavier. Xavier Special Ed was where we all met each other and forged a beautiful friendship of love, laughter and understanding.

The other little girl in this photo is Ayla's friend, Lucia (and her daddy, Tony, in the background). Lucia has a VERY rare condition called Netherton Syndrome. There's a little linky there if you would like to read about it. Some of you may remember Lucia from some very early blog posts as she and her family were about to set off to Austria to teach Lucia how to eat. Long story but in a nutshell, Lucia basically had a medically induced 'eating disorder' due to needing to be fed through a 'button' that delivered food straight into her stomach. The result was that she was completely terrified of swallowing food. Capable but terrified. As you can see in the photos.....she's now woofing down anything that looks delicious! She even shared some of her brunch with Ayla today....Ayla gives her a pretty good run for her money.

So we all caught up at the Red Hen for a gorgeous brunch. Ayla managed to devour half of mine, half of Steven's and a few tidbits from Lucia's plate too. It was almost like old times. Ayla used to steal whatever Lucia wouldn't eat at school....which was all of it :).

So, I guess this is just a post to say we had a really lovely day with some really lovely friends and some really beautiful little girls.


S said...

What a small, small world we live in. I was midwife for friends of Lucia's (parents) and have met Lucia at a joint birthday party for her and the little boy whom I 'caught' when he was born.
I am glad she is eating - food is great stuff.
AND will listen out for your news..

Anonymous said...

Melissa Lucia has grown so much since I last saw her, she is a real young lady now and is looking so beautiful. So is the little sweet pea with her. Mum xxx