Thursday, February 10, 2011

First Day at School #2

Here is another very image heavy post. It was Ayla's first day at her Special school today, and another School Uniform. A fairly quiet day of getting to know the kids, the teachers and the Conductor (Gabi). Gabi is the person who is liaising with the teachers to create a program very similar to Conductive Education for our school.....and so far, I quite like her attitude to Special Ed. Anyone who stresses the importance of good nutrition for kids like ours gets a big TICK of approval from me :).
Ayla has made a gorgeous little friend already and surprisingly they both look very similar with their hair in piggy tails.
If you have read the earlier posts regarding Special Education here in Canberra, you will know that Steven and I have invested a lot of time into making, what we consider to be, 'improvements' to the school that Ayla is attending. Our philosophy has been that it is not enough to deal with a child's mobility impairment by plonking them in a wheelchair and concentrating on other things. That's not to say that a wheelchair won't be on the cards and it most certainly isn't implying that choosing a wheelchair for a child means that you're not working on their mobility challenges. Just that we don't think it's acceptable in a Special school situation where the children attend the school to get extra help with their challenges. The Conductive Ed program is really just the beginning and it is looking to be an exciting year for all of us. Will keep you posted when I am sure that my little something exciting is going ahead at school....
We have just finished the chook pen at the school and tomorrow I will be planting seedlings in the vege garden. And I think the chookies will be arriving late next week!

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Mandie said...

You and my MIL need to get together for a chat sometime Lis. Her and my late FIL were very heavy involved in a Conductive Education program here in Tonny. I've spoken to Ruth of you guys, it would be great if you could get your heads together at some stage xo