Monday, February 21, 2011

Communication - Simple and Glorious

Communication with Ayla can sometimes be very frustrating.....sometimes it can be simple and glorious.

Here's our dinner conversation tonight as Ayla was deciding that she was finished her meal:

Mummy: "Would you like some chicken?"...I place the chicken on Ayla's tray table.

Ayla: *picks up chicken.....drops over the side of the tray table on to the floor*

Daddy: "Do you want some noodles?"....Daddy places a small handful of noodles on the tray table.

Ayla: *picks up noodles.....drops them over the side of the tray table and on to the floor*

I think that's pretty clear.....and glorious.....and kinda funny.

1 comment:

S said...

did you ask her if she wanted a big fat piece of chocolate? LOL x