Sunday, February 6, 2011

Learning to Say YES

I've had lots of lessons to learn over the years....we all do. Among my lessons has been learning to say 'NO' and not feeling guilty about it. My new lesson however, has been to learn to say 'YES', though not in the same context. 'NO' was about not taking on more than I could handle. You know how it goes.....a friend asks you a favour and then of course you say YES before thinking what that means....or you are asked out for lunch with a friend on the same day that you have 3 appointments and a tired child in tow....but you say yes because "I can totally make that work!". 'YES' this time around is saying 'YES' when I'm asked if I need some help.....Why yes, I do!!! I do need help with that door. Yes, I need help holding the umbrella whilst the rain is teeming down and I am trying to get Ayla out of the car and have us both remain dry. Yes, I really need help pushing Ayla's stroller whilst I carry a heavy box. And 'YES', I would really like some help with Ayla's ABR therapy. I know my little profile to the right says, "I'm a mother, carer, therapist, advocate, and fundraiser for my daughter Ayla, a wife and friend to my amazing husband, and a crafter.....and sometimes a little tired", and I know that sounds like I truly can do it all.....But I'm kidding myself. In that little comment, there is actually no room for me and I'm important too! So not only did I say 'YES' when the help was offered.....I actually asked for the help and got it! I have someone coming to the house 3 days per week to help with Ayla's ABR. During that time, I find that little piece of myself that loves to cook and I cook my family a beautiful nutritious meal. In peace and quiet, with space in my head to think, organise and create!


Gina @ Inky Ed! said...

my NY resolution last year was to say YES when people asked to help. I have retained it for this year and am getting much better at it. Who knows I might even be big enough to let someone come to the house and truly help in 2011 rather than just opening doors, holding bags etc.

S said...

Three cheers for you. I am learning both yes and no and sometimes I get it right! x

Melissa Luxmoore said...

Gina....they're only allowed just inside the front door, which opens into our lounge room! I figure if I can keep that room clean,they can imagine the rest of the house looks just like it ;)

Shannon, I'm hearing. I don't always get it right.....I often find myself rolling my eyes at my 'mistakes' :)

With a Q said...

Yay for you! It can be hard to admit that you don't have 7 arms to carry all that load and can't invent a 57 hour day.

I offered help to a young mum who catches my bus last week and ended up nursing two umbrellas and a ruck sack. The smiles and funny faces of her two little ones were sooooo worth it. I had two spare arms and hers were full of little ones.