Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Change. As good as a Holiday?

This is the sort of device that we are hoping that Ayla will be able to use some day to help her with communication. Click on the picture and it will take you to another blog where you can see a similar device being used by Schuyler.

Earlier in the year, I was a little peeved to discover that the 'boundaries' had changed in our area. Boundaries meaning the areas in which we can get services from Disability Services. So from the beginning we have been part of Browns Plains....I know don't get me started. The Gold Coast is only 25 minutes away but they 'hot potatoed' us to Browns Plains which is just over an hour away.

In the 3 and a bit years we have been with Disability Services, we have had 3 Speech Pathologists and 2 Occupational Therapists. Each time we get a new one, we start all over again. They all have their own ideas, their own way of doing things and yet they all have one thing in common. In the first few weeks of working with Ayla, they all say, "Gee, she's difficult to assess, isn't she?". I am getting just a little tired of hearing this. Excuse me....People?.....She has a neuro-migrational disorder! Brain kinda does weird stuff and messages go to the wrong place....could we please do some research on the condition before 'assessing' her? No, actually she's not that difficult to assess. You just have to ask her mother some questions, do a little research and it really isn't that difficult.

Anyhow, I digress. So, we have another set of Speech, OT and now Physio because apparently we now fall into the Ipswich area....Yes, Ipswich....don't ask.

We have started again, again. Can you tell I'm happy about that. Well.....I am in some ways. Yes, I received the same ole comment of "Gee, she's hard to assess"....research please!.....but the Speechie and OT are at least Mothers. Thank you Universe!!!!! Mother's! Someone who actually wants to make things easier and more functional rather than telling me all the extra things I need to make time for in my day. The Physio is a bit intense...and young....but I have Mother's!!! Woo Hooo! Now, when I say that I really can't fit just one more thing into the schedule of things that I must do with Ayla, they completely understand and try to make it easier for me.
I guess the only thing that I'm not over the moon about is that we are starting again. Communication is THE most important thing with Ayla and each time we get a new Speechie, it puts us behind. I will say however, that our new Speechie seems to be on to it. So we're crossing our fingers.

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Lavendilly House said...

Good luck with this lot Melissa - I totally understand your relief about having mothers!

I am curious about the speech work they are doing with Ayla. Love to hear about it sometime
jen x