Monday, March 29, 2010


I am part of a forum group called CPecial Parents. It's an internet forum for parents of children with disabilities that fall under the Cerebral Palsy spectrum, where they can go for information, emotional support, or just a good 'ole rant. Last week, the following was posted on the forum and it's important. REALLY important.

Disability Support in Australia is a NATIONAL DISGRACE.

Please read the post and if you agree and you're an Australian citizen, go to the website and take the pledge.

Hi all

A few of us have developed a website to be used as a rallying point in the lead-up to this year's Federal election, for the millions of people directly affected by Australia's dysfunctional disability system.

When you combine people with disabilities of all ages and their family carers - you are talking millions of voters!

Please go to the website

you may recognise some gorgeous kids), tell me what you think of it and take the Mad as Hell Pledge.

The Pledge says that you will only vote for a political party that promises to introduce a national disability insurance scheme (NDIS) and allow people with disabilities and their families to decide how to use the money to support their needs. The NDIS is the first step in funding current needs - like our kids - and planning for future disability needs. It will be a levy of about $8-$10 per week, like Medicare, NOT a new tax.

The postcode you provide in the Pledge will be aligned with Federal and State/Territory electorates, so we can tell politicians exactly how many people in their electorates have Pledged their votes to a party which commits to fix Australia's broken disability system.

Mad as Hell is a group of parents. It is not affiliated with any organisation and receives no funding.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Mad as Hell campaign.


Please feel free to pass this along.

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MasterShake13 said...

First of all - the picture at the top of your page with the blue highlights is stunning... Ayla is absolutely beautiful!

This is a fantastic post...Although I am in the United States, we of course have similar issues in dealing with the caretaking of a disabled child. With Disability Insurance, the financial aspect should be covered. Although there are many advocacy groups and organizations working to make a more accessible world, to "level the playing field" of the job market, and to increase awareness on disabilities and chronic illness, we are a long way from equality. We need groups like yours to change the world!