Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ayla and the big Green Cow

Ok, I have been fighting with post for 4 days now and it's time to bite the bullet....I really wanted to share a video with you from Ayla's session from Wednesday with the Speech Pathologist and the Physio......problem is I can't seem to upload it to the blog. Ugh, technology. So, if you would like to see the HERE Roundabout, I know. But, better than nothing!

At the moment, our focus is on trying to find a way for Ayla to communicate her needs to us. There are days when frustrations are high for all of us because Ayla is unable to tell us what she does and does not want. Simple things like needing something to eat, needing a drink, wanting to use the potty or being just plain BORED.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our grand plan for Ayla is to have her competantly using an AAC device. A computerised device that allows Ayla to choose symbols or even words to help her construct thoughts, wants, needs etc and have the device output them via electronic voice output. Unfortunately, we apparently can't just jump in boots and all with the AAC. We need to start with "partner assisted communication" which involves cards with coloured pictures and use them in daily life and play to help Ayla become familiar with cause and effect. For example, if you choose the Stop or Finished symbol during play....the game stops. And when she chooses this 'accidentally', the game still stops until she chooses Go or More.

The Speechie has done really well with this and has decided to give Ayla a variety of symbols that all fit into one of two categories with similar meanings and are therefore similarly coloured. For instance, Go, More and Yes are all positives and can almost be used interchangeably. These cards are all YELLOW. Whereas, Stop, Finished and No are all negatives and are all coloured RED.

Anyway, without totally confusing you, this video shows Ayla using the Stop and Go cards in play (Riding a green rubber cow). Although I wasn't able to get a good view of the cards, you can still see that she is choosing the correct cards. Sometimes she uses her hands and other times she very clearly looks at the card she wants.



Lavendilly House said...

That is so COOL! Go Ayla!

hotmamma said...

It's so exciting to see her communicate what she wants...I hope one day Emmie can do the same, only in sign language....Alya's such an inspiration to our family..Keep up the good work Melissa!!